Mom and Dad love taking pictures of are some of my favorites.

I was just a few minutes old
in this picture. Laura (one of
the midwives) was measuring
me. I was 22" long then.
This is me with my Mom and
Dad just after I was born....
I think we all needed
some sleep. we are
after a night's sleep.
I'm less than a day old
here. Don't we look happy? favorite place...
in Mommy's arms. This is
heaven on that
where I

I've been having so much fun since I've been here...listen to my two new hit singles.
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to download

Hmmm....I think someone
just said they love me. I
hear that a lot. It
makes me feel all warm
and cuddly inside.
Yummm....That was a most
delicious meal. My
compliments to the chef.
I'll make sure to leave a
big tip for the excellent
  Ommm....shalom, salam,
shanti, katahimikan, irini,
sul, frieden, nanna ayya,
It all sounds the same
in my native language.
Wooow....How good
can it get?.