Depart San Francisco – January 2, 2006 
To Australia for 2 weeks
To New Zealand for 3 weeks
To Bali (through Singapore) for 1 month
To Thailand (through Hong Kong)
To Cambodia and Burma (Mynamar) for about 3 weeks
To Icasiana's ancestral home of the Philippines for 2 weeks
To the middle east through Dubai, on to Damascus-Syria, on to Amman Jordan, on to Israel, then on to the pyramids of Egypt for 2 weeks
To Gabriel's ancestral home of Greece & Turkey for a month
To Damanhur and other sites in Italy for 2 weeks
Touring Europe for 6 months including: England, Ireland, Austria, Czech, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco
Back to New York in December, onto Dallas and then back to San Francisco on January 2, 2007
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