We are in a state of gratitude.
  We are in a place of inspiration.
      We are called to this sacred journey.

We have been called out by Spirit to explore sacred sites of the world. We have been asked to make connections with the earth, and to the native people of these lands. We have been asked to write about and film the experience, sharing this information with others so they too can connect to their source.

We have been told that Elijah will assist us in meeting the people we are supposed to meet and he, as well as Kate and Matt, will help open doors – doors that may not be open for others to enter.

Our Mission is to fulfill a dream, to venture into the larger world, to enter into sacred sites of the world and to explore the deeper meanings of life, by learning from the creations and ways of the native peoples of the world.

This web site has been created so you can contact us and our journey. We hope to share our experiences along the way with you as well. If you would like to meet us along the way, let us know via email.


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